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Peacful Links 

Please note: We regularly check links for compatibility with our mission. We do not include links that have pop-up ads. (usually due to free-hosting arrangements.)   If you have good related content, please consider hosting your site at We offer  low cost domain registration, hosting, shopping carts and other services. We encourage use of   websites on the internet for peaceful purposes.  We will not accept malicious, illegal, terroroist or pornographic content.

United States Institute of Peace   mission:  promotes resolution of international conflict.

One Day In Peace  celebrate One Day In Peace Jan. 1 as a global holiday

Places of Peace and Power sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions around the world. 

PAX Christi USA seeks to reflects the Peace of Christ through  nonviolence.

Episcopal Peace Fellowship - dedicated to discovering and practicing the biblical concept of peace: shalom / salaam.

The Artline Project - outdoor art across America

Tibetan Healing Mandala In response to September 11, 20 Buddhist monks constructed a sand mandala

Hoaxbusters web site  - checkout ; bogus Virus warnings,  chain emails, etc.

God's Billboards  famous messages from God

The Ghandi Institute Features prayers of peace , also resources on Ghandi's  writings. - domains, websites, email !

 PAX - PAX is the largest non-lobbying group dedicated to the gun violence issue

Sacred Sites International Foundation for preservation of sacred sites and  traditions.

Tides Foundation   committed to social change, innovation, & stewardship.

 Amazing Grace -link to the library of the author, John Newton

Online Bible search  many bible versions here!

The World Peace Prayer Society - May Peace Prevail on Earth